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Friday, March 1, 2013

Luxuries and fails of the snowbird artist

Ever year, my husband and I take the long road down to Florida from Pennsylvania, camouflage trailer in tow.  We love the weather down here, and since we live in the mountains at home, with no 4 wheel drive vehicle, it's better to be treading water and warm, rather than cold and miserable.
Don't be fooled folks, it's not glamorous.  We live in a tent.  We refuse to buy a travel trailer that we will only use 2 months out of the year.  We are frugal that way.  We'd rather have the money saved to buy our dream home or take a long, extended vacation.  So here is the proof of our existence:

Here is my lovely husband, on a rare cold night in our bare tent.  He watches TV, while I surf the internet.

This is the outdoor area.  Our studio, kitchen, patio, and all around general purpose room.  Most our days we are out here.  When the average temp is 85 degrees, you can't sit in a tent all day.

We cook some fabulous meals in our camp too.  We have a fridge, coleman stove, skillet, coffee maker, crock pot and a toaster oven, so we can just about make anything.  Did you know you can steam broccoli in your coffee maker?  This week was jambalaya, last week homemade mac n' cheese, and the week before pulled pork.

To be honest folks, the Florida market is flooded with all types of events to vend at this time of year, so the shows aren't quite as good as up north.  We are all competing for the same limited piece of pie, and with most people down here on a fixed income, they make their purchases count.  So we have a lot of free time.  I don't have to rush home from the show and turn on the torch and kilns right away.  We rest on Monday, do laundry and clean.  Tuesday, maybe some paperwork.  Wednesday and Thursday we go somewhere, like fishing or a fun tourist trap.  Fridays, we restock, maybe for a couple of hours, then we go grocery shopping.  Saturday and Sunday, we put on our funny costumes and head to work.

In our next post, we will show you some of the places we have been this year.

For now, take care, and don't forget to take a look at our Etsy shop.  We have lots of fun things in it right now.

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