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Monday, October 15, 2012

Shedding of Leaves

My posting is erratic.  In the spring & summer, I am so busy with shows, it's hard to keep up.  This past summer festival season was pretty amazing.  We heard some amazing music and had many successful shows, along with a couple of duds.

We are in the process of learning the fall circuit, with a bit of success this year.  We used to own a building at the PA Renaissance faire, but have sold it this year, so new fall shows must be found.

We have had some free time this fall, since we have been home more.  The shows we have found, seem to be pretty heavy on the glass, and most of it under priced or imported to add pizzazz to the owner's booth.  More on the under pricing and imports later.  But for now...enamels.

I've had enamels sitting in my supply room for years, but have never really broke them out and done some experimentation, until this week.  With the disappointments of the influx of glass, I feel that I may need to go into another direction until the mass of cheap glass disappears.

So hear you go.  Some of my fall inspiration from the past week.  New enamels.  A shedding of the glass for now.

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