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Sunday, January 8, 2012

We're on the move! (almost)

It's been a while.  Between our Christmas shows, restocking, rethinking, unpacking, repacking, downsizing, upgrading, and general holiday madness, I've forgotten about my lonely blog.
Thanks to all who made my Etsy sales a holiday success.  This is the first year we really pushed on there.  Hopefully more items will be up in the next month.
Why this picture?  Why now?  Well, in 2 weeks, we will be on our way to escape from the winter.  Now it's not all fun & games.  We work and play.  This is our entering Florida pic from last year.  In the foreground, our mascot, the mystery machine on the van dash. But the van died and now we have a brand new shiny one.  I think we need a new mascot for our new dash.  Any suggestions?

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