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Saturday, January 21, 2012


It's the first real snowfall of the winter.  This year, luckily, it will be the only one we get to enjoy(cough, giggle).  We leave on Monday for our migration south.  I woke up to my tiny trailer, covered in snow, well, not that much, maybe 2-4 inches.  Good thing the heavy stuff is already packed.

Even though this is the ugliest trailer in the universe, we absolutely love it and people from all over want to see it.  When we first started traveling to Florida for the winter, we had a lot of medical expenses that prevented us from buying a new van.  Our old one was recently towed away because the transmission went.  All we had was a 95 Honda Accord station wagon.  I found these trailers online that are lightweight and could be towed with any car.  It was fairly inexpensive too.  Unfortunately, when we got to the dealer, all they had was desert storm camo.  No blue or purple or green, just camo, so that is what we got.

We've actually sold two of these for the company before they went out of business.  They are called Yuppie Wagons, which is funny, because we are nowhere near Yuppie status, nor do we want to be.

It's basically a huge Tupperware container turn upside down and fastened to a small flatbed trailer.  4 feet wide by 7 feet long.

By Monday morning, she'll be full, attached to our new van, and heading off to enjoy the sunshine in Florida.

Safe tavels!


  1. I'm glad you found something that works so well for you! If you don't like the camo you could always paint it while you're in Florida. :grin:

    I'll be thinking about you while I'm packing this week for our trek south to AZ.

    Safe travels, my dear!

  2. Hi Jen...great blogspot! For anyone interested, the yuppie trailer can be purchased at www.gomobilityscooters.com

  3. Wow Maria, they have doubled in price in the past 5 years. Glad I got one so long ago.