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Saturday, January 14, 2012

First day of really cold air hear in PA.  It's going to get down to 17 degrees tonight.  We are leaving for Florida in 9 days.  We have no water.  Don't think it's frozen pipes.  It's not cold enough yet.  Yep, probably the water pump.  Every year, no fail, before we leave for Florida, we have a tiny disaster.  Last year it was the furnace.  The year before that, a bad storm that knocked out power for days.  The year before that, torrential rains, flooded basement, broken sump pump.  Some evil force wants to keep us from the warm weather we love so much.  Good thing my husband is so prepared this year.  He has alot of stuff already packed.
I've had little inspiration lately.  The cold weather, cloudy skies, not much daylight.  Once we get down south, my mood brightens.  This piece was my first inspiration from last years snowbird jaunt.  Can't wait much longer.
No more disasters please.

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